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Scarlett Johansson Attempts to Impress Hipsters

While relaxing at an internet cafe in SoHo, Scarlett Johansson attempted to win over a group of local hipsters Sunday afternoon. According to a source close to Scarlett: “She had recently studied the hipster lifestyle for a role she was auditioning for.  This gave her a false confidence to win over the crowd.”

At first everything appeared to go well.  She commented on how much she loved Thundercats, Atari and Arcade Fire – before the Grammys, when they were cool.  She was even clever enough to make up a concert she attended for a band she called Trickster 7.  Quoted a source, “They have a really great sound, people just haven’t heard of them yet.”  However, one miscalculation turned the plaid covered crowd against her.  She declared that she didn’t like Jurassic Park.  Unfortunately she didn’t realize that everyone likes Jurassic Park, even the counterculture.  Our source let us know that, “if it wasn’t for their skinny jeans hindering their leg movement, she may not have gotten out alive.”  Scarlett is currently recovering from an onslaught of Twitter attacks.




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