Camilla Parker Bowles’s Magic Mirror Assures Her That She is the Fairest of Them All

The clamor over the upcoming royal wedding and the new Princess-to-be Kate Middleton, has left Camilla Parker Bowles feeling a little insecure. To fulfill  her constant need for compliments, Prince Charles purchased his wife a magic mirror. At first the mirror wanted to tell Camilla that on the fairness scale, she fell somewhere between Fergie and Charles’s half-ogre fourth cousin the Royal Family keeps chained up in a tower. But after a swift threat with the hammer, it quickly told Camilla that she was the fairest royal in all the land. However, some insiders have become a bit concerned over Camilla’s obsession with her new mirror. Reportedly, she sits in front of it night and day, and those closest to her are worried what the mirror will say when Kate officially becomes a member of the Royal Family and the lie becomes much too great. An alert has gone up warning those close to Kate Middleton to prevent her from eating any apples on her wedding day, especially if they are hand delivered by old hags.


1 Response to “Camilla Parker Bowles’s Magic Mirror Assures Her That She is the Fairest of Them All”

  1. 1 Larry July 6, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Let William & Kate alone, they are such a nice & happy couple. Let the fucking bitch Camilla go to the dooldrums. You, Camilla, killed Lady Diana, you, bitch, ruined Prince Charles, you, bitch, are trying hard to make the delivery of the future baby hard.. No! Everything will be all right with the Royal family. And you, bitch, will find, ultimately, a small place in a waste management company’s truck to be removed from our history. There you belong, Camilla, to the waste.

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