Jesse Eisenberg to Star in Michael Cera Biopic

A script focusing on the life of Michael Cera had undergone a bidding war between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. two years ago.  Ultimately Warner Bros. won out but had trouble finding a lead.  One of Warner’s executives, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us, “It was really important that we find an actor who could capture the range of Michael Cera.  Sometimes he’s a quiet guy figuring out life with wit and sometimes he’s a soft spoken man with a dry sense of humor.  Really challenging stuff.”  It seemed like a hopeless cause until the release of The Social Network in 2010.  “Finally, we found our man.  Jesse had exactly what we were looking for.  He seemed slightly boring, probably preferred wearing a lot of earth tones and corduroy pants.  It’s perfect.”

Jesse Eisenberg has been none too shy about expressing his enthusiasm for the role.  “Michael has had such an amazing career – Arrested Development, Superbad.  This is a really ambitious project.  I don’t think anyone has ever made a trilogy out of the life of one man.”  TriCeratops Part I will begin filming this summer.



2 Responses to “Jesse Eisenberg to Star in Michael Cera Biopic”

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